The FilePilot Software Team

Richard Knowles | Co-Founder | President

Richard has been a strategic leader of multiple engineering organizations for over 13 years. He has successfully built engineering teams from scratch and transitioned them into mature organizations for multiple companies. Richard has led product development from concept to market delivery for a wide range of technologies and platforms. Technologies covered are number crunching, networking, security, web, OS internals, thin client, virtualization, streaming, storage, and real-time. The common threads that can be found in the products delivered are exceptional performance, visually intelligent to the user, and each solves a real problem. Prior to co-founding FilePilot, Richard was VP of Engineering at AutoVirt, a developer of virtualization software.

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Richard holds a BSEE from Northeastern and an MSCS degree from the University of Massachusetts.


A. Charles Beddoe | Co-Founder | VP, Engineering

Charles brings over 25 years of knowledge in hardware and software development leadership to FilePilot. He is a seasoned manager with extensive experience in implementing complex software products and has a strong background in system design, engineering management, and operations. Charles has led the development of a number of innovative solutions for enterprises and OEMs. He has held senior technical management positions at Ardence, NEC/Vibren, Rachis, Boston Digital, and Rational Systems. Prior to co-founding FilePilot, Charles was a software Architect at AutoVirt.

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Charles received his BSc in Mathematics from McGill University.