FilePilot Software Advisory Board


L. Franklin Kenney

Frank is an accomplished IT strategist with expertise in recognizing and creating new opportunities and trends in technology including B2B, service oriented architecture, and cloud computing.  Currently, he is a consultant advising technology companies on product and market strategies. As a Gartner analyst for 9 years, Frank published over 170 research reports and has delivered 45 presentations to over 25,000 people in Japan, Australia, India, the UK, France and numerous other countries.  Highly respected, he has provided technology analysis, briefings, overviews and seminars to executives from Boeing, Choicepoint, Delta, DISA, JP Getty, JP Morgan, McDonalds, McGraw-Hill, MetLife, Northrop Grumman, SSA, and UPS. Frank has assisted a number of organizations in identifying acquisition opportunities, performing the due diligence, financial analysis and integration of acquired technologies.



William (Bill) Grant 

A veteran business development executive and sales strategist, Bill has extensive experience building and managing high-performance global sales forces for small and large corporations. Previously he was an executive officer for three public corporations, where he piloted territory expansions, drove multi-million dollar sales closures, and developed strong client focused sales and service cultures. Bill has developed, implemented and directed global sales strategies to grow sales pipelines and increase sales closure rates in highly competitive marketplaces.

William holds an MBA from Western New England College.